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If you have PSVT or suspect you do, you belong here.
Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT) causes sudden and unexpected episodes of rapid heart rate that start and stop without warning. PSVT is not well understood, and the experience may vary from person to person. Join the movement to bring greater understanding to this condition.

An Open Letter to All PSVT Patient Registry participants:

Thank you for participating in the PSVT Patient Registry over the past few years. In order to analyze the registry data collected to date and identify ways to improve the registry and the collection of data, the registry will be closed. While waiting to re-open the registry, we look forward to sharing these results with our patient community once the analysis is complete. We hope this information will help patients learn even more about PSVT and how others experience the condition.

Please email us at PatientAdvocacy@Milestonepharma.com if you are a patient and would like to be informed of new PSVT patient research, or if you would like to stay engaged in the PSVT patient community. Milestone Pharmaceuticals, the sponsor of the PSVT Patient Registry, has developed a PSVT Ambassador Program. This program includes a number of activities that patients may be interested in, such as a PSVT support group, interview opportunities, brief surveys, potential advisory opportunities, etc.

Thank you again for sharing information about your SVT episodes while living with PSVT.

Kind regards,
Milestone Pharmaceuticals

Please visit www.OutsmartPSVT.com to keep up-to-date on the latest information about PSVT symptoms, diagnosis, and management.